GE Healthcare shows small increases for Q4, FY2012

General Electric has reported 2012 fourth quarter 2012 operating earnings of $4.7 billion, which is up 13 percent from the fourth quarter of 2011, but its healthcare unit saw a slight increase during the same quarter-over-quarter period. This trend was replicated in the year-over-year results.

Specifically, GE Healthcare recorded relatively flat revenues of $5.18 billion in the 2012 fourth quarter, compared with $5.16 billion in the 2011 fourth quarter. European revenues decreased 10 percent during this time period, U.S. revenues decreased 1 percent and the growth regions increased 13 percent. For the segment profits, the healthcare unit showed a 7 percent increase during the same period.

For the 12 months that ended Dec. 31, 2012, GE Healthcare declared a 1 percent increase in revenues to $18.29 billion over the 2011 fiscal year. Showing a similar single-digit increase in segment profits in the year-over-year time period, the healthcare unit showed a 4 percent increase to $2.8 billion.

For the 2012 fourth quarter compared with the previous year’s fourth quarter, the healthcare unit saw $5.4 billion in overall orders, which represents an increase in 4 percent, with a 7 percent increase in equipment orders and a 1 percent decrease in service orders.