HAI: GE starts phase 3 trials for neuroimaging agent
GE Healthcare presented positive results from its multicenter phase 2 study of flutemetamol, a PET agent for brain imaging, at the 4th annual Human Amyloid Imaging (HAI) meeting in Toronto on April 9.

The purpose of the phase 2 study was to investigate the efficacy of flutemetamol in differentiating between patients with clinically probable Alzheimer’s disease and cognitively intact healthy volunteers, said GE.

Subjects with a high probability of amyloid (27 Alzheimer’s disease patients) and a low probability of amyloid (25 healthy subjects) underwent PET imaging with flutemetamol in the study. In addition, 20 subjects with a memory disorder known as mild cognitive impairment, which may represent early Alzheimer’s disease, were enrolled and imaged with flutemetamol, added GE.

The flutemetamol phase 3 trial has already commenced with recruitment and imaging of patients at multiple sites in the U.S. and Europe, said GE.