IBA debuts new services, products
IBA Molecular presented its IntegraLab solution and Cyclone 18 Twin product at the 2008 RSNA conference in Chicago last month.

IntegraLab combines products and services for the production of radiopharmaceuticals, includes among others, and the selection, integration, supply and installation of equipment to match customer’s radioisotopes production goals.

The Cyclone 18 Twin is a new version of IBA’s Cyclone 18/9, which increases production uptime while reducing maintenance intervention. The Cyclone 18 Twin central region also has been redesigned to host two new proton ion sources, aiding the other features of Cyclone 18 family.

The company reported that it has installed GPS tracking into its cars to increase service reliability and aid in expediting the routing of service personnel. IBA announced that it has sold its sites in Lubbock, Texas and Albuquerque, N.M., to BioTech and has recently come online with a new operation in Dallas.