Intermountain awarded CMS innovation contract
Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah-based health system that includes 22 nonprofit hospitals, 185 clinics and a medical group with some 900 employed physicians, has been awarded $9.7 million contract as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) Health Care Innovation Awards initiative.  

Intermountain was awarded the three-year contract to further its work to transform healthcare delivery to improve patient care quality while reducing costs. Medical cost savings from the three-year project are estimated to be more than $67 million. Results and processes developed through this initiative will be reported and shared with other U.S. healthcare systems in collaboration with CMS.

Intermountain has worked toward developing a new care delivery model using IT-based tools. Intermountain will further enhance its existing decision-support tool to include depression risk. In addition, Intermountain will develop new ways to deliver population-based data to primary care doctors to help patients with chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Other efforts will be directed toward testing a new payment model to better align financial performance incentives with patient results.

In support of this effort, Intermountain will train and hire 12 new workers in health IT-related jobs, including research assistants, data analysts, data warehouse analysts and decision-support analysts.