JNM: New supplement examines advances in cardiovascular molecular imaging
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) has published a multimodality molecular imaging of the cardiovascular system supplement in May which discusses the state of the art of cardiovascular molecular imaging and opportunities and challenges in advancing cardiovascular molecular imaging to clinical practice.

"Cardiovascular molecular imaging is still a relatively novel field," said Heinrich R. Schelbert, MD, PhD, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. "The supplement represents a composite of the work being done—which will help us to understand more than we have ever known about the heart and will pave the way for future research."

Articles in the new publication investigated topics that cover the entire spectrum of technology currently used to visualize the heart, including ultrasound, MRI, radiotracers, novel probes and other advances in instrumentation. Some articles discussed the use of intravascular devices as well as stem cell therapy and the introduction of nanoparticles for "theranostics"—the combination of diagnostics and therapy for drug delivery.

Several research articles also examined multiple methods of imaging the heart as it goes through the repair process following a heart attack and in explaining the cellular processes that underlie prevalent heart diseases, such as atherosclerosis.