LabLogic launches new nuke med QC tool
LabLogic Systems has released its Gamma-RAM radio-HPLC detector, which is designed for soft and intermediate gamma emitters with energies up to around 1 MeV. 

The Sheffield, England-based company said its heavy lead shield and its well-type titanium-activated sodium iodide crystal have greater stopping power for gammas, allowing better resolution for radiopharmaceutical QC.

The Gamma-RAM has a hermetically sealed crystal/photomultiplier assembly, and both variable and fixed volume counting cells are offered for use with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) eluates, according to LabLogic.

The variable volume cell for low-energy emitters consists of a Teflon tubing coil wound around a mandrel. The coil in turn is surrounded by a cylindrical tungsten sleeve that can be moved in or out with a micrometer, exposing more or less of the coil to the surrounding sodium iodide. Effective volumes from about 15 ul to 200 ul are possible, according to the firm.