McMaster obtains funding for nuclear reactor, research
McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, is receiving $38.5 million ($35.5 million, U.S.) in infrastructure funds from the Canadian federal and provincial governments, which it says will be used to upgrade the university's nuclear reactor and Nuclear Research building, along with two new centers in spinal cord research and cancer education and rehabilitation.

The government earmarked $22 million ($20.3 million) in infrastructure funding specifically for the nuclear reactor, according to the university. The investment will fund upgrades to the reactor's infrastructure and provide the training and research facilities for its nuclear scientists.

As Canada's only nuclear reactor outside of Chalk River capable of producing medical isotopes, the funding will be used to upgrade McMaster's physical infrastructure to expand Canada's isotope research and production capacity, to enhance research activities and to train personnel for the nuclear industry and healthcare sectors.

The funding will also provide for the renovation and upgrades to the Nuclear Research building, to accommodate and support new laboratories, research space and education for new faculty members, researchers and graduate students.