MDS secures Mo-99 supply from Russia until 2020
MDS Nordion has entered into a framework agreement with the open joint stock company, Isotope, the authorized subsidiary of Rosatom State, to explore and define areas of collaboration in the field of supply, marketing and sale of isotopes produced in Russia.

The collaboration may result in the creation of joint ventures, supply agreements or other mutually beneficial supply arrangements, in order to efficiently sell isotopes outside of Russia, said Ottawa, Canada-based MDS Nordion. The agreement extends a 10-year period, and the receipt of supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) from Isotope is expected to commence in the first half of fiscal 2011.

The supply agreement provides MDS Nordion with a new source of Mo-99 for its global supply chain by providing additional supply to help offset the impact of the planned shutdowns of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's National Research Universal reactor, added MDS Nordion.