Medrad sponsors PET research with University of Zurich
Medrad has signed a research agreement with the University of Zurich to study how to precisely control the radioactive dose delivered during PET imaging procedures using Medrad’s Intego PET infusion system.  

Researchers will examine patients with tumors in the chest or abdomen and compare standard quantitative techniques, such as standard uptake value, with more advanced kinetic and compartmental models.

One of the primary goals of the research is to explore how controlled delivery technology can enable dynamic imaging by providing additional clinical utility and making these advanced techniques more practical.  The Intego System will enable repeatable infusion of the prescribed FDG dose to all subjects in the study, Medrad said.

Features including real-time dose availability information, an integrated ionization chamber and an optional weight-based dose calculation, will allow the provider to more precisely customize each patient’s dose. Safety features include a tungsten multi-dose vial shield, a fully lead-lined mobile cart and an automated saline flush to remove residual FDG from the line after each infusion, according to the company.