MICAD adds 23 new molecular imaging, contrast agents
Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) has added 23 molecular imaging and contrast agents, totaling 883 in the MICAD database.

The new PET agents are:
  • [18F]FEDAC;
  • [18F]FEAC which targets peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor;
  • 64Cu-DOTA-C-ANF which targets natriuretic peptide clearance receptor;
  • [11C]JHU76609 which targets cannabinoid CB1 receptors;
  • [18F]RP1004 which targets mitochondrial complex 1;
  • [11C]RIF which targets DNA-dependent RNA polymerase in bacterial cells;
  • 64Cu-PEG12 AVP04-07 which targets tumor-associated glycoprotein 72;
  • 68Ga-CHX-A”-ReCCMSH (Arg11); and
  • 86Y-CHX-A”-ReCCMSH (Arg11), which targets melanocortin-1 receptor.
The new SPECT agents are:
  • 99mTc-anti-RAGE pF (ab’) 2;
  • 99mTc-anti-RAGE mF (ab’) 2, which targets receptor for advanced glycation endproducts;
  • [125I]-ch806;
  • [111In]-CHX-A”-DTPA-ch806, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor deletion variant de2-7;
  • [111In]-ABY-025, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor 2;
  • [111In]-DOTA-cG250;
  • [111In]-DOTA-F (ab’) 2-cG250; and
  • [111In]-DOTA-Fab-cG250, which targets carbonic anhydrase IX.

The new ultrasound agent is:
  • PFC-S60-PEG40S-NB, which is non targeting.

The new MRI agents are:
  • P975; and
  • LIBS-MIPOs, which targets platelet glycoprotein GPIIb/IIIa receptor.
The new optical agents are:
  • 5-carboxy-fluorescein-labeled octreotate, which targets somatostatin receptors;
  • Haff682, which targets epidermal growth factor HER2 receptor; and
  • Eaff800, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor, HER1.