MiPod to develop medical isotopes with new process
MiPod Nuclear is planning to commercialize its new medical isotope production technology.

The technology allows MiPod to produce molybdenum-99 without the use of a reactor or much enriched uranium in regional production centers. The patent-pending process utilizes depleted uranium with the target media irradiated by a neutron generator in a see preprinter chamber design, according to the Las Vegas-based company. The actinides are separated from the depleted uranium matrix for irradiation using an electrolytic separation technology. After removal the depleted uranium is reconstituted and reused in superadded production cycles in a closed-loop system capable of daily delivery of production.

MiPod said it hopes to have production prototypes completed within a year, and is looking to mercantile production within 18 months. Each MiPod unit is approximately six-inch by six-inch and will produce a minimum of eight curies daily.