Mirada debutes new toolkit, upgrades Hitachi's AVIA workstation with Fusion 7D
Mirada Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of CTI Molecular Imaging Inc., this week launched a new product integration toolkit and released the latest edition of Fusion7D on Hitachi Medical Systems America's (HMSA) AVIA workstation.

The new product integration toolkit, PETconnnect, is a general-purpose library interface to Mirada's line of imaging applications for positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) and PET, multi-modality image fusion, functional imaging and radiation therapy.

Mirada says that imaging OEMs and PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) vendors may choose from a variety of interfaces to integrate Mirada's products into a host system. Integration options include Java, CORBA and ActiveX/COM interfaces, as well as conventional operating system and DICOM-level approaches.

PETconnect has already been integrated with a number of vendors, including Siemens Medical Solutions, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Hitachi, Vital Images Inc. and Sectra AB.

In related news, Mirada has released the latest edition of its Fusion7D for HMSA's AVIA workstation. Fusion7D is an image fusion and analysis package for PET and PET/CT. The latest release provides a range of new features and streamlining capabilities.

Mirada says its plans on releasing additional PET and PET/CT analysis tools to Hitachi customers. Future product extension plans include offering Mirada's PET/CT viewer and RTist applications on AVIA. RTist provides a complete set of contouring and structure delineation tools for PET/CT and fusion imaging with support for DICOM RT structure sets.