Mobile imaging provider taps Siemens for 4 PET/CT systems
InHealth, a provider of diagnostic and imaging services in London for the NHS, has now completed the final installation of four Biograph 6 TruePoint PET/CT systems from Siemens Healthcare into mobile vehicles. 

The company said that the systems are used in the staging of various cancers and provide information on the biochemical functions of the body. A hybrid system such as the Biograph combines metabolic and anatomical information in one exam for diagnosis and localization of both healthy and diseased tissue.

InHealth has been providing PET/CT scans using mobile vehicles to NHS patients through the Independent Sector Treatment Centre wave two contract since April 2008.  The mobile vehicles visit 12 locations across five health authorities in the South of England, for 11 cancer care networks and integrating with clinical pathways for oncology management.  A mobile screening service that covers a large number of localities means that patients can be scanned as close to their local cancer unit as possible, Siemens said.

The Biograph 6 TruePoint PET/CT offers enhanced image quality for cancer staging and treatment planning. The Biograph's TrueV technology offers increased axial coverage of the PET field of view by 33 percent, resulting in an astounding 70 percent increase in Noise Equivalent Count performance, according to Siemens  TrueV is field upgradeable option on all Biograph TruePoint PET/CT systems.