Molecular Imaging: A Brave New World

 Nuclear medicine, once dismissed as “unclear medicine,” has moved to the cutting-edge of diagnostic healthcare with the introduction of fusion molecular imaging modalities, software tools and systems which provide anatomic clarity to the discipline’s functional focus.

Capintec (Booth 3117) is showcasing its molecular imaging products that include a complete line of products for nuclear medicine, PET, brachytherapy and radiation therapy facilities.

Carestream Molecular Imaging (Booth 2513) is unveiling its Kodak In-Vivo Multispectral system along with new large Stokes shift dyes. The system incorporates multispectral fluorescence, luminescence, digital x-ray and radioisotopic imaging capabilities for in-vivo imaging. Kodak X-Sight agents have been optimized for Carestream systems, but they are compatible with other digital imaging systems.

Cedara Software (Booth 1316) is debuting its Cedara Clinical Control Center (C4)-enabled work-in-progress Cedara PET/CT module and Cedara I-Response.

Cedara I-Response can analyze both PET/CT and MR-based diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI); and helps evaluate, assess and monitor the effect of cancer therapy over time using data from multiple modalities using standard anatomical measurements for tumor assessment. Cedara I-Response features functional Diffusion Map (fDM) technology.

Gamma Medica-Ideas (Booth 5439) is featuring its dual-headed LumaGEM system. The LumaGEM incorporates digital detection technology utilizing eV Products’ cadmium zinc telluride to provide better resolution. The dual-headed camera also has a gantry that allows for a full range of motion.

GE Healthcare (Booth 1729) is demonstrating motion-free PET/CT and Vue Point technologies for its Discovery Dimension PET/CT system. The Discovery Dimension features PET image processing, patient motion management and clinical productivity features.

Vue Point incorporates image reconstruction algorithms including volume scatter correction and an image projection technique. It is applicable to both 2D and 3D PET acquisition modes; static, dynamic and motion imaging.

Medx (Booth 8300) is introducing its T-Quest small field-of-view gamma camera designed for thyroid imaging and uptake calculations. The portable T-Quest features a small footprint, lightweight collimators, a DICOM-compatible interface, and can perform any small organ imaging.

Merge Healthcare (Booth 1122) is highlighting its Merge PET/CT Workstation software, which is vendor-neutral and displays panoramic layouts split across dual monitors for simultaneous comparison of CT images, PET corrected, PET uncorrected, PET/CT fused and maximum intensity projection (MIP) images.

The workstation incorporates 3D volume rendering and hot-spot scout reading tools, and reporting tools.

Naviscan PET Systems (Booth 6920) is collaborating with MIMvista and unveiling the MIMviewer PEM, an application for Naviscan’s PEM Flex Solo II—a PET scanner for small body parts such as the breast and hand.

Key features of the MIMviewer software include: 3D measurement capabilities; an embedded PEM lexicon; and improved region of interest support.

Philips Medical Systems (Booth 4129) is spotlighting its BrightView SPECT that features CloseUp technologies, which enable higher resolution, and BodyGuard automated contouring that moves detectors closer to patients.

The system includes digital detectors with PinPoint technologies to provide correction for multiple-energy imaging and offers resolution of less than 5 mm through a measured-resolution recovery algorithm.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Booth 7713) is showcasing HD•PET, with improved 2 mm resolution. Also being featured is the 3D-application, syngo TrueD,  which enhances clinical workflow by enabling efficient reading of multi-modality patient scans from multiple time points.

 Thinking Systems: ThinkingPACS

Thinking Systems (Booth 4583) is demonstrating PET/CT fusion capabilities on its ThinkingPACS. The PET/CT fusion features include optimized radiology or nuclear medicine views; simultaneous display of CT, PET and fused images with multiple window/level settings; and side-by-side comparison between PET/CT and contrast CT.