Molecular Insight releases Zemiva results
At the annual meeting of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) in San Diego, yesterday, Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals released the results of a study designed to develop and validate its Zemiva Normals reference database using gender-based and cardiac ischemia risk stratification parameters.

According to the Cambridge, Mass-based company, Zemiva, a molecular imaging pharmaceutical in development at Molecular Insight, was designed for the diagnosis of cardiac ischemia and the Zemiva Normals reference database is designed to enable interpreting physicians to rapidly and quantitatively assess a patient’s cardiac image against normal images contained in the database.

When all studies were compared to normal using criteria that consider ischemic risk, sensitivity increased from 67 percent to 96 percent in males and from 75 percent to 94 percent in females. Normalcy increased in males from 71 percent to 91 percent and in females from 67 percent to 84 percent. The study demonstrated that both the ability to detect disease and the ability to identify normality were improved by the use of risk-adjusted, gender specific criteria for cardiac abnormality, according to Molecular Insight’s presentation at the ASNC meeting.

Based on its study results, Molecular Insight announced that the results indicated that the database accurately differentiated normal from abnormal metabolic heart activity in patients dosed with Zemiva.