New IDEAS website to keep stakeholders informed

There is a new Imaging Dementia–Evidence for Amyloid Scanning Study (IDEAS) website that aims to enable patients, caregivers, providers and PET facilities to get up-to-date study information, learn how to get involved and receive updates on enrollment timelines and pathways.

IDEAS was created to assess the clinical usefulness and impact on patient-oriented outcomes of a brain PET scan that detects amyloid plaques, a core feature of Alzheimer’s disease, in patients with mild cognitive impairment or dementia of uncertain cause. More than 18,000 Medicare beneficiaries will be enrolled in the study.

Site visitors will find answers to frequently asked questions and can subscribe to be notified as IDEAS information and resources become available. 

IDEAS is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association and managed by the American College of Radiology and American College of Radiology Imaging Network.