PETNet to supply imaging agents for ACRIN trials
The American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) will now be supplied with 18-F-sodium fluoride (18-F-NaF) and investigational 3’Deoxy-3’[18F] Fluorothymidine (18-F-FLT) by Siemens Healthcare subsidiary, PETNet Solutions, for ACRIN’s multicenter clinical trials.

In clinical studies, 18-F-FLT has been used in monitoring the increased activity of cancer cells and 18-F-NaF is an imaging agent that is being studied in the detection of bone metastases.

The company said that the imaging biomarkers will be made available through a cross reference from Siemens’ drug master files to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) centralized INDs (investigational new drug), under which the ACRIN trial will be performed. The cross reference allows both products to be produced and used by any principle investigator in an ACRIN clinical trial. The imaging agents also are being made available to investigators outside of the ACRIN trials pending FDA approval of an investigational new drug, according to PETNet.