Project builds online contract agent database
A recently launched project called the Molecular Imaging & Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) has been developed to boost research efforts and the evolution of molecular imaging by providing a free and open web resource that contains a plethora of information related to in vivo molecular imaging and contrast agents. The project, on display as part of RSNA’s Molecular Imaging Zone this week in Chicago, has been undertaken with support of The Department of Health & Human Services and the National Institute of Health’s Roadmap program.

The MICAD was launched in September 2005 and although it includes just 200 entries so far, there is the potential for there to be many thousands eventually, said said Kenneth T. Cheng, PhD, scientific imaging editor, MICAD.

The project includes information regarding agent development for PET, SPECT, MRI, ultrasound, CT, optical imaging, planar radiography, and planar gamma imaging. The MICAD staff endeavors to provide users with timely information to help efforts in the development and availability of molecular imaging and contrast efforts. This is the first time that this type of information has been systematically catalogued in such a comprehensive database. All of the information contained within the database can be easily printed or downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

MICAD welcomes the submittal of new agents and ones that deserve investigation for possible inclusion, Cheng said. In fact, users can contribute full “chapters” (as the database calls each entry) which will be reviewed by the project’s staff. Cheng emphasized that the project is seeking active collaborations in order to build the database fast.

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