RSNA: Fluke introduces new x-ray test tool system
Fluke Biomedical launched a new, expanded x-ray test tool platform at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

The TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools system features an exposure solid-state detector, dosimeter, ion chambers, optional mA/mAs invasive shunt or non-invasive clamp device and the choice of handheld display or laptop interface. According to Fluke, the detector sets up quickly and measures kVp, radiation dose, dose rate, time and half value layer in a single exposure.

The system includes a new companion TNT 12000 DoseMate dosimeter and integrated mA/mAs measurement capability. According to Fluke, the Dosemate with ion-chambers proves precision dose measures needed for dose measure integrity. Featuring customizable measurement protocols DoseMate can provide repeatable testing for radiographic, dental, fluoroscopic and CT imaging systems, and is compatible with existing Triad and NERO external ion chambers, the company said.

Integrated mA/mAs measurement capability is available with both the TNT 12000WD and the TNT 12000 DoseMate. Fluke also said that mA/mAs-standard invasive shunt or optional non-invasive clamp device is available to use  with all types of x-ray systems while the ZigBee wireless interface delivers measured results to the user’s choice of handheld display or laptop, integrating all quality assurance measurements on one readout.