Siemens bestows preclinical image awards at AMI/SMI
For the fourth year, Siemens Medical Solutions, Molecular Imaging Division presented the Preclinical Image of the Year Awards. The awards were conferred this weekend in conjunction with the Joint Molecular Imaging Conference held in Providence, R.I.

The "The New Point of View Competition" was open to anyone with a Siemens preclinical scanner. The entries were judged on scientific merit, the type of information gleaned from the images and the overall image quality.
The winners were:
  • Preclinical PET Image: “In vivo FDG-PET imaging of glucose uptake in pressure overloaded mice to evaluate metabolic mechanism and cardiac function during myocardial hypertrophy,” acquired by Bijoy K. Kundu, Stuart S. Berr, G. Paul Matherne, and Amy R. Lankford from the University of Virginia.
  • Preclinical CT Image: “Imaging and analysis of the normal mouse lung,” acquired by Eric A. Hoffman, Geoffrey McLennan, Joseph M. Reinhardt, Gary E. Christensen, Deokiee Chon, Eman Namati, Jacqueline Namati, Lijun Shi, Joo Hyun Song, Kunlin Cao, and Jered Sieren from the University of Iowa.
  • Preclinical Multimodality Image: “Adenovirus validation in lymph node metastasis," acquired by J. Burton, M. Johnson, D. Stout, and L Wu from the University of California, Los Angeles, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging.
  • Most Innovative Preclinical Image: "Micro-array or MicroPET?" acquired by K. Gagnon and J. Sutcliffe from the University of California, Davis.