Siemens emphasizes importance of acquisition side of nuc med
Siemens Medical Solutions emphasize its push to bring molecular imaging more into the radiology realm, showcasing the broad capabilities of both its complimentary SPECT/CT and PET/CT systems and other tools at RSNA 2006 in Chicago.

The company showed its Symbia TruePoint SPECT/CT technology, incorporating SPECT with multislice-CT, a strong tool on the acquisition side of molecular imaging.

Another tool demonstrated was the Biograph family of hybrid PET/CT systems, which also include the TruePoint technology that adds 33 percent more axial volume coverage to the scanners, according to the company.

TruePoint PET/CT provides both rich metabolically and anatomically data, and by enlarging the PET field of view, the technology is able to detect 78 percent more photons. This results in more precise and detailed images that enable physicians to quickly pinpoint the tiniest lesions and arteries in detail. Along with enhanced speed, TruePoint offers advanced, clinically proven scatter correction techniques, Siemens said.

Other benefits of TruePoint PET/CT include the ability to reduce the injected dose to the patient by 50 percent; because of the extended field of view, the system requires fewer bed positions for patients, going from the typical 7-9 positions down to five;.also, Biograph is very fast, able to do complete body scans in 10 minutes.