Siemens Healthcare
Siemens' Inline Ventricular Function (VF), an automatic software module for cardiac function analysis with MRI
Siemens Healthcare (Booth 1842) is displaying its Artis zeego, the next generation of interventional imaging for cardiology, Somatom Definition Flash CT system, Inline Ventricular Function for cardiovascular MRI, Acuson ultrasound systems, along with its nuclear cardiology solutions.

The Artis zeego extends imaging capabilities through virtually unrestricted C-arm positioning, and the ability to deliver two non-concentric rotations supports advanced cross-sectional imaging. The Artis zeego makes it possible for the position of the isocenter to be adjusted according to the procedural needs or the height of the physician, which is beneficial during lengthy procedures. Also, the Artis zeego can be parked compactly to give the clinical team easier access to the patient.

The Somatom Definition Flash CT scanner features a faster acquisition time and lower radiation dose. With its dual-energy advanced visualization and quick scanning of the thorax, the heart can be achieved with just a single dose.

Siemens also is offering Inline Ventricular Function (VF), an automatic software module for cardiac function analysis with MRI to analyze cardiac image data after acquisition and without user interference. Up to now, the image data had to first be transferred to a post-processing computer for manual processing. Inline VF provides the physician with very fast access to highly reproducible results of the functional analysis. Siemens has also developed Argus 4D VF for 4D visualization of cardiac function. The software enables the visualization and analysis of heart function disorders through the dynamic volume display of the beating heart. With the tool, the cardiac function can be calculated from a combination of short-axis and long-axis images. As a new feature, the mitral valve motion is included in the analysis.

The Acuson SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system is an echocardiography system that delivers non-stitched, real-time full-volume imaging of the heart in one cycle. Called Echo in a Heartbeat, the technology changes echocardiography workflow through automatic extraction of reference planes for measurement, analysis and interpretation from continuous cardiac volume imaging. Migrated from existing premium Acuson Sequoia technology, the 4V1c transducer allows vector imaging for an extended field of view increasing the application versatility of the Acuson SC2000 system in adult cardiology.

Siemens also is featuring the Plus Option for its Acuson X300 ultrasound system, premium edition. The new P9-4 pediatric probe, which is not yet commercially available, enables high-resolution, multi-frequency phased array imaging of pediatric patients. Its user-selectable MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging expands clinical versatility.

The Acuson P50 ultrasound system is for portable imaging anywhere that has space and mobility limitations. It combines powerful, portable cardiovascular ultrasound applications with the communication and productivity benefits of a Microsoft Windows application in an Apple MacBook Pro notebook. In its latest edition, it allows electrophysiologists and interventional cardiologists to use Acuson AcuNav 8F and 10F intracardiac catheters, the latter of which is not commercially available, for real-time diagnostic ultrasound images, and Doppler blood flow information from within the heart during interventional procedures.

Siemens is displaying the recently FDA-cleared IQ-SPECT, cardiac evaluation including perfusion, attenuation correction and calcium scoring. Also, the is a cardiac gamma camera system offers nuclear cardiology imaging services right in the doctor’s office.