Siemens Healthcare, The Dark Report sponsor Molecular Summit
The Dark Report and Siemens Healthcare have assembled an international faculty of experts and early adopters of integrated diagnostic care pathways within radiology and pathology to address the first international Molecular Summit on the integration of in vivo and in vitro diagnostics. The summit will be held Feb. 5-6, at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia.

Thomas Miller, CEO of Siemens Healthcare's Workflow and Solutions Division, will serve as a keynote speaker summit. According to Siemens, Miller will discuss the company’s vision for a new era in medicine—one enabled through the integration of molecular imaging, molecular diagnostics and informatics. Additionally, he will speak about Siemens' business strategy for in vivo and in vitro diagnostics.
"Healthcare is evolving, entering a new era, one created through the marriage of in vivo and in vitro diagnostics, arming clinicians with the tools that enable early intervention and treatment in a way that improves clinical efficiencies, effectiveness and outcomes," said Miller. "We are ushering in the era of personalized medicine, moving the practice of medicine from the disease-centric to the knowledge-driven, patient-centric approach.  For all of us who care passionately about this — pathologists, radiologists and healthcare IT executives — the Summit will deliver the latest information defining the next generation of integrated diagnostic and clinical services."

The summit will feature case studies involving the delivery of molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics services, particularly where collaboration is occurring between radiology, pathology and informatics to integrate molecular imaging with relevant molecular diagnostics services.

The Dark Report published information about the clinical laboratory industry and the profession of pathology, prepared expressively for laboratory CEOs, CFOs, COOs, pathologists and senior laboratory executives, said Siemens.