Siemens previews TruePoint 16-slice PET/CT
Siemens has expanded its molecular imaging portfolio with the addition of the Biograph TruePoint 16-slice PET/CT imager, which the company believes will lower the barrier for adoption of PET/CT technology. The Biograph TruePoint 16-slice PET/CT, which is a works-in-progress pending FDA 510(k) approval for sale in the United States, was highlighted by the firm at the 2009 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) this week in Vienna, Austria.

The company said that as the U.S. and international economies struggle to increase the quality of patient care and, simultaneously, reduce healthcare costs, the Biograph TruePoint 16-slice PET/CT represents a viable solution for healthcare providers.

According to Michael Reitermann, CEO, of Siemens' Molecular Imaging, the new system represents a balance between innovation and access.

“The Biograph TruePoint 16-slice PET/CT is a means to achieve that end, with high-performance technology housed in an economical package,” he said.

The system reflects features of the Siemens flagship Biograph mCT model. Siemens said it is equipped with a 500-pound capacity patient bed and workflow system. It also offers faster scan speeds at lower patient doses, according to Siemens.

The complete Biograph family of PET/CT imagers now offers options in TruePoint PET/CT for 6-, 16-, 40- and 64-slice CT configurations, as well as the Biograph mCT technology platform with 40-, 64- and 128-CT slice capabilities.