Siemens ships first mobile PET/CT Biograph system
Siemens Medical Solutions Molecular Imaging Division has delivered the first two newly redesigned mobile Biograph 6 TruePoint PET/CT systems to the Florida Radiation Oncology Group (FROG), a division of Integrated Community Oncology Network, in Jacksonville, Fla.

Siemens said its new, mobile PET/CT systems will simplify treatment follow-up for patients who before had to travel for necessary follow-up imaging.

FROG, whose physicians treat patients at 14 facilities, is the first customer to receive Siemens' enhanced mobile Biograph systems. The system has been redesigned to incorporate hardware improvements, such as a shorter gantry to reclaim critical space in the scan room, a special cantilevered patient handling system with automatic lock-down and an integrated closed-loop cooling system with no external chilling requirement, Siemens said.