SNM launches patient website
Patients seeking information about nuclear medicine and molecular imaging can now access, a patient-focused website launched by the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM).

The site provides information about how nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, procedures that are performed on over 16 million patients in the U.S. each year, can play a role in the detection, treatment and management of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions and other physiological problems.

Heart disease, cancer and brain disease are the main focus areas of the site, and specific types of diseases are detailed along with the various nuclear and molecular imaging procedures associated with each. General information on molecular imaging, an extensive glossary and a video library are included on the site. Patients can also receive news updates through Facebook and Twitter pages associated with

“Many times patients referred for a nuclear medicine or molecular imaging studies are nervous about what to expect,” George Segall, MD, SNM president, said in a statement. “By providing information and explaining the benefits of the study in an easy to understand format, we can offer them both help and support.” is supported by several patient advocacy groups that are part of SNM’s Patient Advocacy Advisory Board (PAAB), including the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Thyroid Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the American Heart Association, the Men’s Health Network and the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association.