SNM recommends ways to harness molecular imagings power
A new report in the December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine recommends several ways in which the medical community can gather and make use of the power of molecular imaging and therapy.
“By exploring basic research, instrumentation, drug development, clinical issues and educational needs, SNM is taking the lead in defining molecular imaging and streamlining its integration into current and future patient care,” said SNM (Society of Nuclear Medicine) President Martin P. Sandler. “This report examines the potential of molecular imaging to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes in light of the merging of nuclear medicine techniques, new technologies, hybrid imaging and advances in molecular biology,” added Sandler.

Former SNM president Mathew L. Thakurm, PhD, served as co-chair/organizer of a recent industry think tank related to molecular imaging and therapy sponsored by organization. He stated that “molecular imaging, a technique that targets and photographs biological markers, will one day allow physicians and scientists to detect characteristic molecular events in the human body specific for diseases leading to the early diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of cancer and disorders of the heart, brain and endocrine system.”

Thaker believes that cooperative efforts are essential to promoting molecular imaging and therapy. In addition, he said, there is a need for shared standards in all aspects of research and practice; new professional and innovative approaches to attract the most talented individuals; and continued cooperation with those in all sectors of the molecular imaging community.