SNMs annual meeting reveals latest developments in molecular imaging
More than 5,100 physicians, technologists and members of the molecular imaging and nuclear medicine communities gathered in Salt Lake City for SNM's 57th annual meeting last week which featured more than 1,400 scientific papers that represented research and developments worldwide in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine.

"SNM’s 57th annual meeting brought together basic and clinical scientists representing all aspects of molecular imaging," said Dominique Delbeke, PhD, MD, who was inducted as president of SNM during the meeting. "Those who attended the meeting are conducting research that represents the future of clinical practice and patient care."

SNM's annual meeting concluded on June 9, with an overview of research presented throughout the sessions. The data demonstrated groundbreaking advances in many areas, including the role of molecular imaging to identify the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease and research on the detection of recurrent prostate cancer.

"We had a tremendous international presence at our meeting, with molecular imaging science as our common language," said Peter Herscovitch, MD, chair of SNM’s Scientific Program Committee. "Scientific abstract submissions came from 70 countries. In fact, 56 percent of this year’s abstract submissions came from outside the U.S."

Herscovitch added that the common theme that linked all of these participants together was the focus on using molecular imaging to understand the mechanisms of disease, to diagnose and determine the extent of disease and, ultimately, to improve the health of patients.