Swedish researchers offer free cardiovascular image analysis software
Researchers from the department of clinical physiology at Lund University and Lund University Hospital in Sweden have released a free cardiovascular image analysis software package, Segment, for the research community, according to an article published Jan.11 in BMC Medical Imaging.

Segment can be used for image analysis in MRI, CT, SPECT and PET, according to the researchers.

The software is freely available for research purposes and a license is provided by MEDVISO, based in Lund, Sweden, for commercial use.

“Some of its main features include loading of DICOM images from all major scanner vendors, simultaneous display of multiple image stacks and plane intersections, automated segmentation of the left ventricle, quantification of MRI flow, tools for manual and general object segmentation, quantitative regional wall motion analysis, myocardial viability analysis and image fusion tools,” wrote lead author Einar Heiberg, PhD, president of MEDVISO.