UltraSPECT introduces Xpress3.Cardiac to U.S. market
UltraSPECT, a provider of products for nuclear medicine, has added Xpress3.Cardiac to the repertoire of UltraSPECT products available for sale in the United States.

The solutions offered for sale up to this point have consisted of the Xpress.Cardiac and the Xpress/Xact.Bone, which allow cutting acquisition time in half or doubling the image resolution of gamma cameras, the company said.

The Merrick, N.Y.-based UltraSPECT said its Xpress3.Cardiac enables shorter scan times than those of its predecessors in the UltraSPECT family of products, without compromising image quality and diagnostic confidence. Scan times are about three minutes for stress and under five minutes for rest.