VisEn debuts new fluorescent imaging agent
Imaging company VisEn Medical announced last week the launch of its Cat B 750 FAST fluorescent imaging agent for measuring and monitoring cathepsin B activity associated with disease progression and therapeutic response in vivo.

The agent is being unveiled at this week’s American Heart Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Fla., according to the Bedford, Mass.-based company.

Cathepsin B proteases play a role in disease progression and host response in several disease areas. The Cat B 750 FAST agent is designed to complement in vitro and in vivo protease readouts from cell-based assays and VisEn's existing in vivo agent product lines, providing imaging time points and specificity profiles of cathepsin B within the cathepsin family of proteases, according to the business.

The new Cat B 750 FAST agent represents an additional protease-sensing agent developed from VisEn's new Fluorescent Activatable Sensor Technology (FAST) in vivo agent platform.