VisEn introduces multi-species fluorescence tomography module
VisEn Medical launched a new fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) multi-species imaging module, to extend FMT imaging and related applications into larger preclinical animal models at the 101st American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting, being held this week in Washington, D.C.

VisEn said its new FMT multi-species imaging module enables FMT quantitative imaging in an expanded range of larger preclinical animal models, including rats, hamsters and guinea pigs, thereby further extending FMT imaging research into areas including metabolic, toxicology and biodistribution studies, as well as certain vaccination, obesity, bone and hypertension studies. 

The Bedford, Mass.-based VisEn also said the company will be presenting new study results from its recently-launched Cat B 750 FAST and Annexin-Vivo fluorescence imaging agents.