VisEn launches new fluorescence molecular imaging label
VisEn Medical launched a new fluorescent dye for labeling biomolecules enabling a broad range of in vitro and in vivo imaging applications in research and drug development.

“The new VivoTag 680 XL is designed for more efficient labeling of target molecules under standard research conditions, and is optimized for in vivo and cell-based imaging performance, including superior brightness, biocompatibility and stability in biologic environments,” said the company. 

The Bedford, Mass.-based VisEn offers over 30 different fluorescence molecular agents for imaging key disease-associated biologic targets, processes and pathways.  

VisEn agents and labels designed for in vivo biomarker quantification can use VisEn's Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) imaging systems, or other non-quantitative fluorescence in vivo imaging systems, according to the company.

The agents are also designed to enable complementary in vitro biomarker readouts in cells and tissues using standard fluorescence microscopy and cellular-based imaging systems, added VisEn.