WMIC: VisEn unveils new FMT tech, imaging agent
VisEn Medical debuted a new fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) imaging system--the FMT 1500, and an advanced version of its FMT 2500, the FMT 2500 LX--as well as its new ReninSense680 fluorescence activatable sensing technology (FAST) imaging agent for measuring and monitoring a key hypertension and renal disease biomarker, at the 2009 World Molecular Imaging Congress in Montreal this week.

The FMT 1500 offers quantitative tomography in two fluorescence imaging channels, and is designed for small to mid-size research laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies. The FMT 1500 is also designed to be upgradeable to the FMT 2500 LX, according to the Bedford, Mass.-based VisEn.

The FMT 2500 LX offers four fluorescence imaging channels for advanced biomarker multiplexing, a series of multimodality adaptors for integrated multimodality imaging and the firm's TrueQuant suite of image analysis software. The FMT 2500 LX also includes VisEn's new Fast Reconstruction module for faster imaging times and expanded whole-body imaging applications, the company said.

ReninSense680 FAST is a biologically targeted near-infrared activatable imaging agent designed to measure renin activity as part of the renin-angiotensin biologic pathway. Renin activity can be assessed by quantifying the increase of ReninSense680 FAST signal in the kidneys in vivo using a VisEn FMT quantitative tomographic imaging system, the company said.

VisEn said it offers more than 30 different fluorescence molecular agents for imaging disease-associated biologic targets, processes and pathways.