ACR releases new appropriateness criteria promoting patient-centered care

New appropriateness criteria created to get patients more involved in their own care have been released today, online in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

The summaries may be a “first-of-its kind” series of summaries to help patients understand which imaging tests may be most appropriate, if any, for their condition, according to an ACR press release.

“We expect ordering physicians, radiologists and patients will welcome these summaries. They can help providers explain why they are requesting a certain imaging test or no test at all. This helps patients more fully participate in their care and promotes a better doctor-patient relationship,” said Bruce J. Hillman, MD, JACR Editor-In Chief in the release. “They also will promote radiologists’ involvement in the health care team,” he added.

The criteria are made up of 237 evidence-based guidelines in what is described as possibly the first time a medical association has produced these types of patient-friendly guidelines. The effort is part of an overarching ACR initiative to move toward more patient- and family-centered radiology care, according to the same brief.