Brailer announces his official senior staff
National coordinator for health information technology David Brailer, MD, this week solidified his permanent senior staff members which comprises his office as part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). His office was made official this past October when many of Brailer's employees came on board, though not in an official capacity until now, they are:
  • Dr. Robert Wah, deputy director of the Office of National Health IT Coordinator (ONCHIT);
  • Dr. Karen Bell, director of ONCHIT's Office of Health IT Adoption;
  • Dr. John Loonsk, director of ONCHIT's Office of Interoperability and Standards;
  • Jodi Daniel, director of ONCHIT's Office of Policy and Research;
  • Kelly Cronin, head of ONCHIT's Office of Programs and Coordination;
  • Dana Haza, executive director of the American Health Information Community, the high-level ONCHIT commission.