CardiacAssist introduces longer cannula set for TandemHeart system
CardiacAssist has introduced a longer cannula set to cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to be used with its TandemHeart cardiac-assist device, TandemHeart Transseptal Cannula Set-Enhanced Flow 72 (THTC-EF 72).

The Pittsburgh-based company said its TandemHeart system is a percutaneous extracorporeal circulatory support device approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. The TandemHeart device can be placed in a cath lab or an operating room, and is reimbursed by Medicare under existing DRG codes.

The new TTHTC-EF 72 provides extended length to enable cannulation in individuals with a longer torso and accommodates the increased distance to the left atrium when cannulation is necessary from the left femoral vein, according to CardiacAssist. The new THTC-EF 72 is 10 cm longer than the standard TandemHeart Transseptal Cannula-EF and also includes a sealed pouch with two adjustable suture rings.