CEA-Leti to develop nuclear, optical tracer
In collaboration with four French partners, health IT research company CEA-Leti has launched a project to develop a PET tracer incorporating the company’s patented Lipidot nano-carrier, which would function for both pre-operative nuclear imaging and intraoperative optical imaging of cancers.

Aiming at use during ablation and biopsy, the three-year Nano-Eno project will involve the grafting of a peptide molecule that recognizes specific cancers to CEA-Let’s organic nano-carrier Lipidot. The current phase of the project is geared toward demonstrating proof of concept.

CEA-Leti conducts research and develops nanoelectronics and technology for healthcare and is based in Grenoble, France. The Nano-Eno project includes Advanced Accelerator Applications, Fluoptics and VetAgro Sup, all headquartered in the south of France, as well as Frédéric Joliot Hospital in Orsay, outside of Paris.