Duke installs Calypso 4D Localization system
Calypso Medical Technologies has reported that Duke University Medical Center is the first in the United States to install its 4D Localization system with the Adaptive Workflow Efficiency option to optimize radiation treatment for cancer patients.

The upgradeable system option includes Adaptive Couch Repositioning which provides connectivity between the Calypso system and Varian Medical Systems’ 4D integrated treatment console, to allow an online response to organ motion.

Known as GPS for the Body, the system utilizes implanted Beacon transponders to setup and continuously track the position of targeted tissue during radiation treatment. When the tumor site moves outside of acceptable limits, the clinician can immediately adapt therapy to ensure treatment is delivered as prescribed to the cancerous tissue while avoiding adjacent healthy organs, according to the Seattle-based company.

The Adaptive Workflow Efficiency release is compatible with 3D conformal radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy, Calypso said.