Elekta to equip Ottawa cancer center
Elekta and The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, have embarked on a decade-long project to equip the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre with radiation therapy systems, workflow software and treatment planning systems.

Under the partnership agreement, the Ottawa Hospital will acquire four Elekta Synergy treatment systems, two to be sited at the Ottawa Hospital's general campus and two to be operated at Queensway Carleton Hospital site, when the cancer program is scheduled to start in late 2009.

"Our goal is to use the Elekta Synergy systems to perform advanced methods, such as image-guided radiation therapy and Intensity-modulated radiation therapy as soon as possible in appropriate cases," said Greg Doiron, TOHCC clinical director.

The cancer center also will acquire Mosaiq RO to manage radiation therapy simulation, planning, setup, verification, delivery, review and analysis. Integrated with Mosaiq RO is the Mosaiq image-enabled EMR, which supports the cancer care team by uniting diverse systems and devices, according to the Stockholm, Sweden-based Elekta.