FDA clears Infinitt's image fusion software
Infinitt North America, a developer of image and information management technologies for healthcare, has received FDA clearance for its fusion software, Xelis Fusion.The software is now available to the North American market.

Xelis Fusion can be used as an integrated technology with Infinitt's web-based PACS or as standalone software, allowing a third-party PACS user to query, view and analyze studies from any DICOM database to fuse CT, PET and MR images, according to the Phillipsburg, N.J.-based company.

According to the company, the Xelis Fusion product has been in use at 12 institutions across the U.S., and has demonstrated the ability to improve diagnosis and enhance the radiologist's and clinician's productivity.

Infinitt said Xelis Fusion:
  • Supports fusion of PET, CT and MR data in any combination of the modalities;
  • Offers both automatic and manual registration methods, quantitative analysis tools and image navigation;
  • Supports 3D region of interest analysis;
  • Provides various presets and layouts for comparing two image sets;
  • Calculates PET standard uptake values;
  • Offers multiple standard and user-defined color maps;
  • Stores and sends the fused images in DICOM 3.0 format; and
  • Includes multiplanar reconstruction functions.