GE low-dose CT screening protocol gets nod from FDA

GE Healthcare’s new low-dose screening reference protocols have been cleared by the FDA for lung cancer screening.

The decision makes the company the first with a FDA-cleared low-dose CT lung screening option, according to GE.

The company says the protocols are tailored to the CT system, patient size and most current recommendations from professional and government organizations.

All of GE’s new 64-slice and greater CT scanners will include the screening option, as well as most of the company’s 16-slice CT scanners. It will also be available to qualified scanners already in use.

 “Performing low dose CT with attention to high image quality at the lowest radiation exposure to detect early cancer is at the core of a successful screening program, and requires collaboration with imaging partners to bring technology to bear for this purpose,” Ella Kazerooni, MD, chair of the American College of Radiology’s committee on lung cancer screening, said in a statement. “The FDA’s clearance of these CT scanners for this purpose illustrates that commitment.”