German university hospital selects IntraOp Medicals Mobetron
IntraOp Medical, a provider of technology solutions for the treatment of cancer, has received an order from University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, located in Marburg, Germany.

This will be the second Mobetron to be used in Germany to deliver intraoperative electron-beam radiation therapy (IOERT) to cancer patients, with the first currently installed at the Strahleninstitut in Cologne, according to Sunnyvale, Calif.-based IntraOp.

The Mobetron enables surgeons and radiation oncologists to target the exact area that requires radiation and to deliver high doses of radiation directly to the affected tissue during the cancer surgery. Since it is a mobile, self-shielded linear accelerator, the hospital can move the Mobetron between operating rooms.

Marburg maintains more than 1,000 beds and conducts nearly 15,000 operations in 18 operating rooms each year. By purchasing a Mobetron to deliver IOERT to cancer patients, Marburg will extend its oncology department to provide the medical technology and treatment options to cancer patients.