IBA to install cyclotron in Italy
Installation of an IBA (Ion Beam Applications) cyclotron, beam line and two patient treatment rooms has begun at the Agenzia Provinciale Per la Protonterapie, a cancer center being constructed in Trento, Italy.

IBA engineers expect the proton beam system and first patient treatment room to be ready for commissioning in about one year. Commissioning is a month-long process that includes confirming proton beam uniformity and accuracy, and integrating imaging into the proton targeting system, according to the company. It is the final stage before clinicians at the facility can begin using the proton beams.

The cancer center will house two gantry treatment rooms and a research room. Each of the treatment rooms will be equipped with IBA’s Pencil Beam Scanning nozzle, with a beam spot as fine as 3 mm.

To date, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium-based IBA has 12 operational proton therapy centers globally, and nine more centers in development.