Median unveils next-generation of LMS
Median Technologies unveiled the new release of its Lesion Management Solutions (LMS) application at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) this week in Vienna, Austria.

The Nice, France-based company said that the new software release allows for generation of RECIST reports for oncology patients and computer-aided detection (CAD) and follow-up of indeterminate lung nodules.

"Cancer patient management today suffers from a lack of coordination between the medical specialties, because oncology imaging reporting relies on qualitative instead of quantitative assessment of response to therapy," explained Fredrik Brag, CEO of Median. "Our Lesion Management Solutions offers ways to standardize this reporting across cancer care networks for all patients thanks to their unique integration features."

LMS applications can be integrated with RIS/PACS and included in multi-site configurations, according to the company.