MiMvista features deformable contouring software
MiMvista highlighted its atlas-based deformable registration, which is a pre-planning solution for radiation therapy, at the 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) in Boston last week.

The software provides contouring tools for indicating target volumes and normal structure delineation, employing multi-modality image fusion.

“The software allows physicians to assess a new patient compared to a group of previously contoured patients. The software performs a deformable registration to the best match, and as a result, entire structure sets are automatically generated, which can improve time savings,” according to Andy Nelson, chief financial officer of the Cleveland-based MiMvista. 

He added that the same deformable algorithm can be used for refining a patient’s plan. For example, assessing a patient who has previously been contoured, if that patient’s structure has changed or tumor itself has altered, a new image can be registered and the contours are automatically applied on the changes, Nelson said.

A database typically stores the contours of approximately hundred patients to use as a basis for registration. “However, we change that image to match, and we can change that contour to match as well, which is good start in the pre-planning process for patients undergoing radiation oncology treatment,” he explained.

The software application is also customizable according to the physician’s preferences. “While our registrations match the CT well, if the contour style is different, edits will always have to be made. The process is more efficient if the physician is in control of those preferences,” Nelson said.