Miniature multimodality scanner said to be in development for endoscopic imaging

From Portugal comes word of an endoscopic scanner in the works that will provide advanced imaging scans acquired within the body and, in the process, aid early detection of pancreatic and other cancers that are often found too late.

Researchers at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid are spearheading the work, according to a news item published by the school June 9.

Project leaders say their miniaturized scanning technique will be multimodality, combining ultrasound with positron emission tomography.

“[T]hanks to its high-speed electronics, this scanner measures the time of flight of photons,” the researchers say, adding that this attribute will allow them to precisely identify “the origin point in where particles are concentrated in the tumor mass, filtering the background noise and giving as a result clear images.”

The translation to English isn’t perfect, but the news item is worth a read.