Morphotek acquires tumor targeting assets from TransMolecular
Eisai’s U.S. subsidiary Morphotek has acquired certain assets relating to a proprietary tumor targeting platform from TransMolecular.

Through use of the Tumor Targeting Peptide (TTP) platform, it is possible to deliver active TTP conjugates directly to tumor cells via systemic administration of radionucleotides, chemotoxins, nanoparticles and optical dyes, which enables optical imaging to confirm therapeutic effects, according to TransMolecular, which is based in King of Prussia, Penn.

The TTP technology platform has been validated in multiple preclinical and human clinical trials that have demonstrated the ability to get tumor specific delivery of conjugated TTP to tumors of the periphery and the central nervous system via penetration across the blood brain barrier.

This transaction provides Eisai exclusive ownership of the TTP technology for therapeutic and diagnostic use across a broad spectrum of cancers and other human diseases.