ONC updates Health IT Dashboard
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has issued a new Health IT Dashboard, updating its past offering through the results of its research and monitoring into patterns of healthcare provider adoption and use of EHRs.

This most recent publication of the Health IT Dashboard includes important national, state and local data into the website.

“Our ONC stakeholders and the interested public now have a more comprehensive picture of the ways in which ONC programs and research are contributing to the widespread adoption and meaningful use of health IT," said Victor T. Lazzaro, MPP, ONC's director for the Health IT Dashboards projects.

Some key questions answered by ONC’s Health IT Dashboard include:
  • What is the percent of office-based healthcare providers that have adopted EHRs in my state?
  • How many health IT implementation support professionals have been trained by community colleges (ONC grantees) in my state? 
  • What is the percentage of pharmacies that are enabled and actively using electronic prescribing technologies in my county or state? 
  • How many providers (all or primary care only) are in my county or state? 

Currently, the Health IT Dashboard has six different views presenting more than 250 custom dashboards for states, ONC programs and grantees.