Radiology benefit management provider adds radiation oncology services

HealthHelp, a radiology benefit management provider, has added radiation oncology services to its diagnostic imaging programs.

“As is the case with diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology options evolve continually as new technologies become available, and these modalities are increasingly offered in outpatient settings. Payors and physicians face challenges in keeping up with the latest medical evidence and in making sure the equipment used to deliver radiation therapy is well maintained,” explained Cherrill Farnsworth, HealthHelp president and CEO.

“HealthHelp’s new radiation oncology services will enable healthcare payors to make sure their members with cancer receive the right amounts of radiation using the right delivery modalities at the right times to achieve the best outcomes,” Farnsworth added.

Farnsworth said that ensuring radiation oncology treatment plans conform to evidence-based protocols lowers long-term costs by helping prevent:

  • Recurring cancers, which can result from ineffective radiation delivery;
  • Secondary cancers caused by radiation exposure to healthy tissue; and
  • Side effects, which can require additional treatment.

The Houston-based HealthHelp said it has incorporated radiation oncology services into RadConsult, its prior authorization program based on peer consultation; RadCert, which adds precertification to the RadConsult model; and CodeRight, its automated claims review program.